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People are talking...

My 'Wendy (PIKA) Bell'! I have a 'Wendy Bell' I received from my kind friend. I absolutely love these items! 

Anne N.

Pretty! I love how you make the handles so big. That's always something I look for.

Caroline T.

Beautiful! Want it!

Karen G.

About PIKA™ Ceramics

My aesthetic is a mix of modern and organic. Made by my hands, perfectly imperfect! Imperfections are a part of the aesthetic and fingerprints left by me are intentional.

Each piece is hand painted and no two images will be the same. No transfers are used.

Dates for new merchandise releases will be posted on Instagram and at the top of the PIKA™ Ceramics homepage.

All items are microwave and food safe. Washing by hand is preferred to save wear on the glaze.

No returns due to imperfection.

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Your package will arrive stuffed with bubbles and wrapping paper of all colors and seasons, repurposed from unused rolls. Holiday paper may be included and choice of paper is random.

For delivery, please allow 3-4 weeks (or earlier) for items in the shop and 8-12 weeks for custom orders.

Due to COVID-19, shipping rates across the US have increased.


About Me

Clay arrived later in my life. A friend, Jennifer, asked me if I would be interested in learning to throw pottery. I decided to give it a try…and was immediately consumed.

After graduating with a B.S. in Dance, I worked as an instructor and choreographer most of my young adult life. Later, I shifted focus to tutoring math. Then came writing children’s books about love and kindness.

Although writing, geometry, and dance are related through their core of creativity, there was something I didn’t know was missing.


My work has been influenced by nature and the subtleties of everyday life. I am happiest when I'm in my backyard or lying next to the sea, surrounded by the magnificent sights and sounds of nature.

With my ceramic work I try to mimic what nature does so easily: make something that is satisfying, useful, functional, and inherently beautiful.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it for you.

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